Days of the Week

English Tigrinya
Monday Sonee
Tuesday Solus
Wednesday Rub-a
Thursday Hamus
Friday Arbee
Saturday Kedam
Sunday Senbet

Months of the Year

English Tigrinya
January Tiree
February Lekatit
March Megabeet
April Meeazeea
May Ghinbot
June Sene
July Hamle
August Nehase
September Meskerem
October Tekemtee
November Hedar
December Tahsas

Time Related Words

English Tigrinya
Day Tsahai wotsiah
Night Leyti
Morning Nughoo
Noon Fadoos
Evening Michet
Before Kedmi
After Dehar
When Ma’as
Time Sa’at
Clock Sa’at
Watch Sa’at
Hour Sa’at
Early a-kedimeh
Late dahar
Then Shuh-oo
Since Kesat
Year Amet
Month Worhee
Week Semoon
Day Ma’alti
Hour Sa’at
Minute dukhayukh

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