Help Us

The biggest help you could give the website is to send translations. Click here to email us. This website has no income and was created in the spare time of someone who didn't now Tigrinya but wanted to learn. The only way the website can grow is if people contribute translations, please help the website grow. Also please spread the word and encourage other people to learn Tigrinya.

Text Link

There are other ways to help, if you know someone who has website, ask them to include either of the below links to this website. The text below is the code needed to create a link to us, this must be put into the code of the website:

{a href=""}Tigrinya Teacher{/a}}

(***replace { and } with < and >***)

The result is: Tigrinya Teacher

Graphical Link

Alternatively, a picture link can be added to a website. To add picture link , right click on the below image, save as, give it a name (call it banner_advert.jpg), then put the following line of code into the code of the website:

{a href=""} {img src="banner_advert.jpg"}{/a}

(***replace { and } with < and >***)

The result is:

Make sure the picture is in the same folder as the webpage that you put the above code into.

If you have any translations to add to the site, or any suggestions for improvements, email us by clicking here