The Rooster and the Fox - Eti derhon eta wokharian

A rooster was up a very high tree, shouting loudly.
Hade dehor abo li-eli eti om alo yecheder nehru

He was heard by a hungry fox
Hade zetemiet wakharia semiato

The fox was looking for animals to eat.
Eti wakharia zebalat ensesa tedeli nera

The fox saw how high the bird was
Eta wokharia la-eli kemzela eta dorho yefelet nehru

The fox thought of a plan to bring the rooster down.
Eti wokharia neti derho keay geru nab meret kemzoworudo yehasab neru

Excuse me, mr Rooster,
Yekereta ato derho

The fox told the rooster the treaty says
Eti wokharia neti derho eti higgi entay kemzebel negiru-oh

We must live in peace and not eat each other
Anen nesehan ketabalala-ena Be selam keneber alena

You are safe, come down, lets talk about this
Be selam woridka kenazarareb nekheel ila

the rooster, knew the fox was known for being underhanded and said nothing
eti derho neta wokharia tenkolenya kemwokhanu yefelit neru, walahantiwun aybelen

he pretended to see something far away
eti derho ab rehukh gele re-eyo

At what are you looking? asked the fox
Eti wokharia Entay tere-ey aleha ilowa

I see a pack of wild dogs, said the rooster,
Bezuhat akhalabat yere-ey alohu belo

they are coming to us, Mr. Fox.
Nab ana yemetsu alowu, ato wokharia

I must go, said the fox.
Eti wokharia kekhayed aleni ilu

Please do not go yet, Mr. Fox, said the rooster,
Ato wokaria bejaha aytekhid iluwo eti derho

I was just on my way down.
Aneh yeworod aloho

We will wait for the dogs
Netom akhalabat kntsebayom

No, no, said the fox, I must go.
No no kehayed iyeh ilu eti wokharia

The dogs have not heard of the treaty of peace yet.
Etom akhalabat, zefeltu-woh nay selam sememet iyneberen

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