The Lion and the Mouse
Anchowan Anbesan

One day a lion was waken from his afternoon nap
Hade maal-ti, kab nay deheri-keteri decasu teseeoo

He was woken by a group of mice running around him
Anatsoo atesee-eeno-o

The lion hit and grabbed one of the mice
Eti anbasa hanti kabten anatsoo hizu

The mouse begged to be released
Eta anchowa gedefeni ilato

The lion was nice and released him
Eta anbesa hiyawayer sele zekhone gedefuwa

A few days later, the lion was trapped in a hunters net.
Deheri, korub maalti, eta anbesa seheyet tetahizu

He roared loud, so loud the forest shook.
Ow ilu chederu, eti agrab anketkeetom

The little mouse the lion released, went to the lion
Eta zefenowa anchowa nabte anbesa metseeaa

He used his sharp little teeth to cut the strong ropes until the lion was free
eta anchowa neti seheyet besena betiha shu-oh eti anbesa tefetiihoo

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