The Fox and the Crow
Wokharian Derhon

A Fox once saw a Crow with a piece of cheese in its beak.
Hade wokharia, derho fromagio hizu ab afu re-ey-yo-wa

Thats for me, said the fox
Eti wokharia Neti fromagio natay iyu ilu

he walked up to the foot of the tree.
nab tehiti om Kadu

Good-day, Mistress Crow, he cried.
Selam derho ilu

you are looking nice to-day
Lomi, tsubuti meseelki

Also You have a nice voice, please sing for me
Tu-um demtsee alekee, bejahee derefilay

The Crow opened her mout and dropped the chesse
Neti derho, afa meskefeteto, shu-oh, fromagio wudiku

The fox ate the cheese
Neti wokharia neti fromagio belituwa

Lovely he said
Tsubuk iluwa

That was the only thing I wanted.
Izi terah iyeh delieh

For your cheese I will give you a piece of advice for the future.
Ne formgio, mekheri kehebehka

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