The Dog and the Wolf - Kelben Tokholan

A hungry Wolf met a dog
Hade zetemiet wokharia rekheeboo hade kelbe

I can help you get work and food
kehagezika iyeh serahen megbeyen nekheterekub

come with me to my master and you shall share my work.
mesai Na-enay ne wanay, serahay ketekafolo iha

So the Wolf and the Dog went towards the town together.
Eti tokholan kelben nab ketema kadom

The wolf saw the dogs neck was hurt
Eti tokhola neti kelbe reeyowa kesadu hemimuwa

Oh, it is nothing, said the Dog.
Walahante konen ilu te kelbe

That is where my collar is
Meleket nay me-er-seriay iyu ilu

At night I am chained up
layti, koloshat ye-e-sa-re-ye

Early on it hurts but not after
Mejemeria ahimemoni dahary gn dehan coineh

I dont want that, good bye
izi aydelen, ciao

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