A dog and his reflection
Hade kelben netserebat natoon

A dog was walking home
Hade kelbe ne gezu yekhayd alo

with a large bit of meat in his mouth.
aby sgat ab afo geru

On his way home, he walked by a river
Gezu kemeles kelo, behade feleg halifu

Looking in the river, he saw another dog with a big piece of meat in his mouth.
Nabte feleg re-ee-yo, kalt kelbe aby sgat ab afo geru

I want that meat, too, thought the dog,
comoowen eti kelbe Ane sga delieh ilu hasebu

He went to grab the meat from the other dog
Eti kelbe kab kalot kelbe sga kewesed fetinu

and he dropped his meat in the river.
eti kelbe, neta sga, abte feleg awdeekoowo

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