The country mouse and the town mouse
Ny Hagera anchowan Ny ketema anchowan

A country mouse invited his cousin to the countryside
Ny hagera anchowa nezemeda adimata ab ketema

My poor cousin, said the city mouse,
Ny ketema anchowa, Mishginaty zemeday ila

you dont have much to eat in the countryside!
Bezuh megbee yebalan ab hagera bota ila

come to the city and visit me,
metsee ne ketema betsenhi ilata

So the mice went to the city
Etom anatso ne ketema metsi-en

The country mouse was suprised.
Eta hagera anchowa sembeda

There was lots of food
Bezuh megbee neru

Then a cat came
Shu-oh domo metsia

The two mice ran away
Etom anatsoo gwoyom

and hid until the cat left.
Tahabien kasat domo kekhayd

The two mice came out
Etom anatsoo metsien

and continued eating.
Ketsien beliten

Before they could eat,
Kedmi mebelien

another cat came
kalot domo metsia

and the two mice ran.
Shu-oh anatsoo gwoyen

Goodbye, said the country mouse,
Hagera anchowa Ciao ila

You live in a big city with lots of food,
Ab aby ketema tekemet mes bezuh megbee

but I am going home
gn ne gazaa ketemeles delia

to eat in quiet.
ketebelit beselam

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