The boy who cried wolf
Eti Wodi tokhola ilu zechedeeru

There was a boy
Hadeh Wudi nehru

He kept sheep near the town.
Abagit ab ketema mesu nehru

For fun he would shout,Wolf! Wolf,
Ketsawet ilu, tokhola, tokhola ilu chedeeru

although there was no wolf.
gn, tokhola iyneberen

The people would stop
Etom seb serahom toto abelom

and run to get the wolf
nabte tokhola kehizoowo gwoyom

When they came
Abu mesbetzhu

the boy laughed.
Eti wudi sehekuom

The naughty boy
Eti sidi wudi

did this again and again
degagimu komu geru

then the people didnt listen to him.
Shu-oh, Etom seb ay sem-oo-on

One day
Hadeh maalti

while the boy was watching the sheep
neten abagit kehiluen kullo

a wolf came to the town
nybahaki tokhola ne ketema metsee-yu

The boy shouted,
Eti wudi chedeeru

Wolf! Wolf!
Tokhola, tokhola

No one came.
Zemotso seb yellen

And the wolf ate the sheep.
Eti tokhola neten abagit belituwen

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