The ass and the purchaser adgeen purchaser

A man wanted to buy an ass.
Hade seb, adgee kegezit deliu

He went to market.
Khaydu nab shuk

He found an ass,
Adgee rekhibu

He asked to take the ass home for a little time
ne qurub gizea, na adgee, ne geza kewesda Hatitu

He got home,
Ne Gezuu temelesu

He put him with the other asses.
Etu hade adgoo mes kalo-ot a-adoog a-ulmitua

The new ass looked for a place to sit
Eti hadish adgee, bota yedeli alo kof-kebel

He sat next to the laziest and greediest beast
Eti adgee, tikal sosok adgee kofelu

The man saw this
Eti sebai re-ee-you-wa

He took the ass back
Na adgoo wesiduwa nab shuk

The owner was surprised
Eti sebai ab shuk tegerimu

You were gone for a short time
Na hitsir gizea kedka nerka

I could see what sort of beast he is from the friend he chose.

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