A Council of Mice
Ookoobat anatsoo

Some mice, scared about a cat
Anatsoo, cab demamo sembeedu

Met to fix the problem.

Neti shigir kereeoo te-ra-hee-ben

They discussed, and but didnt like, many plans.
Neti zemetseh hasab Tezaribenalu, gn ayfetowon

Then, a young mouse stood up,
Deharay, hade nishte anchowa teseu

and said “ we should put a bell around the cat's neck”.
neta domo ab kasada kachil kengebera alena ilu

What a good idea! the other mice said.
Tsubu hasab bele eta anatsoo

Oh yes, the bell will tell us the cat is coming, then we can run”
Ooweh, kachil domo temetset alo ilatena

They were happy with the idea,
Beti hasab tehagisom

Then, a quiet old mouse stood up.
Dahar hade sikhzebel aragit anchowa teseu

This is a very good idea
tsubu hasab ilu

and would solve our problems, he said,
shigirna keneereyo iyu ilu

So, who will put the bell around the cats neck?
Seleze, kabana menu eta kachil ab kasada zegeberala neta domoo

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