Imperative Tense
One Person

An ending must be added to the verb which depends on who you are talking to or about.

The table below shows the word endings and the word after the verb.

Who Following Word
You (He) -
You (She) ee
You (Men) oo
You (Women) aa

You (men) help = Hagezoo
You (women) help = Hagezee

Imperative Tense
Two People

Two endings must follow the verb, one representing the person the verb is "done to" and one representing the "doer". All combinations are shown in the table below.

Who You (Man) You (Woman) You (Men) You (Women)
I eeni eeni ooni ani
We eena eena oona ana
You (He) - - - -
You (She) - - - -
You (Men) - - - -
You (Women) - - - -
He oh eeyoh oowo o-oh
She ah eeya oowa o-ah
They (Men) om eeyom oowom o-om
They (Women) en eeyen oowen e-en

You (man) help him = Hagezoh
You (women) help them (men)= Hagezeeyom

Many verbs involve doing something for someone rather than to someone like "write for". In this case add the sound "el" between the endings

You (man) help her = Hagezla
You (women) help them (men)= Hagezeeylom

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