English Tigrinya
Of/ belonging to nay
with mes
without bizay
or way
for ne
from kab
at ab
to nab
something gele
like this kemzee
about bezayba
after dehar
against antsar
among amongo
around akebabi
before kedmit
behind bedihirit
from cab
in ab
like (similar) kem
near tekar
out wotsat
until kesat
but g'n
between amongo

Prepositions with Endings

Who for who belonging to Me/You/ Us/Them
I na ay nat ay kohol eh/ay/ni/oo an eh
We na a na nat na kohol na nihi na
You (He) na a kha nat kha kohol kha nes kha
You (She) na a khi nat khi kohol khi nes khi
You (Men) na a khoom nat khoom kohol khoom nes khoom
You (Women) na a khen nat khen kohol khen nes khen
He na a u nat u kohol u nes u
She na a a nat a kohol a nes a
They (Men) na a om nat om kohol om nes om
They (Women) na a en nat en kohol en nes en


Who Done To
I eh/nee/oo
We na
You (He) ka
You (She) ki
You (Men) koom
You (Women) ken
He oo
She ah
They (Men) om
They (Women) en

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